what we do

Waterhead Projects is an emergent Devon based property Company comprising a small select team specialising in sustainable building.

Our work as a residential contractor spans across a number of different areas, ranging from renovations and alterations of older buildings, to more recently the construction of two individual Architect designed Passive House’s (Passivhaus) in The Warberries, Torquay and Stoke Gabriel, both projects drawing on the Mid-Century Modern style.

In simple terms, we build new homes, specialising in new build passive homes (passivhaus) and also extend and refurbish existing homes.

The Business

We are a small business with a unique Company structure, where all the members of our team are stakeholders in the business, we are able to compete well with more established Contractors, certainly in terms of price but more importantly, when it comes to quality of construction, we believe our business model excels.

And, as members of the AECB (the Association for Environment Conscious Building) we seek, wherever possible, to promote the use of products & materials that are safe, healthy and sustainable.

We are enjoying playing our part in the evolution of sustainable construction Yann Arthus

Project Management

Waterhead Projects means a hands on approach to Project Management, the team has worked on many complex schemes for both residential and commercial clients and we bring attention to detail and enthusiasm to each project.

What makes for a successful building project ? Project Management – pure and simple. Of course it’s a little more complex than that…but we know that the success of a project begins and ends with the right approach to planning, choosing the right team, managing sub contractors and liaising with the client and resolving issues as they arise…..Project Management…

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